royalty free music

About us

We are a group of media and modern computer technology professionals. We’ve been on the market since 2008. Our work is supported by nearly 15 years of experience in the production of music programmes for regional commercial radio stations. We also produce a radio programme for which is currently one of most popular smooth jazz music stations in the world. We have our own news and advertising production studio and work with a team of lectors who’s voices are recognised from national radio and tv ads. You can hear our music in hundreds of establishments in Poland and abroad. !18 Our technical service ensures high operational standard of transmission systems. Any repairs are done within 48 hours from the moment of notification and in special circumstances they are dealt with on the same day. We can always provide our customers with advice, develop technical projects, plan the layout of speakers, complement the hardware and assist in its purchase and installation. By keeping track of all the new trends in sensory marketing our company thrives in this trade.