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Royalty Free Music

Music accompanies us in many different places. Often it is an excellent background to celebrating important moments. Music can also put us in a good mood during everyday activities such as shopping or relaxing in a hotel or a SPA. For this reason we offer our services to different shops, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, medical clinics, pharmacies and gas stations. It doesn’t matter if you own a small local shop, run a business in a shopping mall or a whole chain – we give you a real “royalty free radio”.

What does “royalty free” mean? It means music without fees for public playback. According to current law – playing commercial music in public requires an appropriate licence. Such licences are issued by Collective Copyright Management Organisations. Under these licenses, there is a requirement to pay license fees (royalties / author’s fees). Unfortunately those fees are high and depend on many factors such as the retail space (in retail); number of seats (in restaurants), the type and purpose of recreational spaces (in hotels). Those high fees can be avoided. All you need to do is decide to use music without fees – “royalty free music”. Choose one of available packages on offer and you will receive music and advertising content curated to the type of your business without paying a penny to copyright organisations.

Music can benefit your business in many ways. Shop owners often don’t realise that music, along with the look of the shop front and the product placement, plays a very important role in creating the right character of the place. Music has to be adapted to the needs of the target customer. For example a sportswear store will not play classical music but will rather steer towards more dynamic songs. Choosing our service you do not have to worry about such details. Our team of enthusiasts and experts in music and modern technologies will propose the best solutions adapted to the nature of the business and the given assortment.

Importantly, the music will be selected according to the ambience of the space, as well as adapted to the time of day or special occasions, e.g. holidays. By choosing music without fees for public playback customers receive an individual playlist. Song sets are composed separately for each day, to avoid monotony. Another advantage is the fact that the compilation will be updated on a regular basis with new, popular songs.

Music packages including advertising are equally attractive because they offer local weather forecasts, greetings during opening hours and goodbyes at the time of closing. In addition, advertising content is supplemented with special messages for employees (before opening and after closing hours), time announcements and even a song dedications.

Our offer is attractive not only because of a number of possibilities, but also an affordable price. We have many years of experience in servicing thousands of European businesses. You will hear our music in stores, hotels, gas stations, medical clinics and even on ferries. So far we have provided services for retail chains, stores and galleries in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, as well as Hungary and Sweden. We offer royalty free music and interesting forms of advertising that grab the attention of visiting customers.

We are open to our clients ideas and happy to implement them. We invite you to familiarise yourself with the offer presented on this page and get in touch. Together we can find the best solution fitted to your business. Choose royalty free music and enjoy the money saved and all the benefits associated with it!

There is a lot of talk about fees and royalties – most of it is a negative memory haunting the owners of various premises and enterprises. People choosing attractive accompaniment to their business value original music but at the same time they prefer to choose royalty free music or music without fees for public playback. They should remember that each song has its own author who has copyrights. This applies to both more popular songs, known from the radio or television, as well as less recognisable melodies that can be heard, for example, during shopping.

In addition to slogans like “royalty free music”, “music without fees” or “music without copyright”, you have definitely also heard about “copyright by (insert surname or name of the studio)” added onto the record covers. What it means is that a given work has been created by someone and it is their inalienable right to claim its authorship. The very concept of copyright is defined as a set of legal norms constituting a branch of intellectual property rights. At the same time the definition is extended to rights due to the creator of the work or to the person to whom they were given. Thanks to these laws, their owner can decide about the fate of the work covered by them – whether they will earn money on it, for example in the form of music without a license or music for companies, and also in what way will the work be used publicly.

Not only the artwork itself is subject to copyright but also the creative process, that is, the authors intention, expressed and permanently recorded in a form that can be presented to a third party. However, there is no requirement to complete the work. For this reason, by definition, even a short sequence of a song that is in preparation is covered by copyright.

In the context of royalty free music or music without fees it is worth mentioning that the copyrights are divided into personal and property rights. Personal copyrights are securing the name assigned to the work. Regardless of the subsequent performers, the work was created by the author ‘X’, who may remain anonymous or function in the artistic world under a pseudonym. The author ‘X’ has full control over the content of the work and its right is to prohibit changes within a given creation or claim monetary compensation for any change which isn’t a paraphrase. However, the author’s competences also include the sale of personal copyrights to another person – then the actual author ceases to be one. The same rules apply, even if it is music without fees for public performance or fee free music.

On the other hand, proprietary copyrights are a completely different case. Their subject matter is the distribution of the work by authorised persons within the scope of permitted private or public use. The very concept of music without a license being the same as royalty free music, may be misleading. Musical works can function as free from royalties, but in this case they are covered by a Creative Commons license. Still, this does not mean that it is music without copyrights.

If you want to use the work for a specific purpose, the copyrights organisation must agree to it by issuing appropriate licences. The document defines the scale of remuneration and how the work will be used. As a result users pay royalties, that is, property benefits to which the authors are entitled. Sometimes permission is also required to use a work whose author is not part of the copyrights union, although such a situation is rather rare.

The copyright organisation collects money and distributes it among affiliated authors. Users pay a predetermined amount stated in the pay table – it is therefore difficult to talk about music free of charge or royalty free music, because it is not music without a license. Copyrights organisation that protects the creators and their works has the power to submit lawsuits on behalf of the creators, including for copyright infringement.

Music played in shops, restaurants, hotels, offices or workplaces is usually the music with a license for public playback. Although music for companies is primarily associated with this solution, individuals can also take advantage of this option. Thanks to music without fees for public playback, they gain the possibility of using specific records or internet radio during mass events. If you also need an attractive and popular playlist that will suit any occasion, please use our royalty free music offer. Music with a license for public playback from Vigor Multimedia will ensure that no one will ignore your store or restaurant.